We’re Visiting the USA!!!

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Dear Revolutionaries,

Will you please take a moment and say a prayer for us (Dustan and Darlene). We are leaving Southeast Asia for a short trip to the USA tomorrow. (Our brother and sister in law are having a baby). The is also a part of our preparation for our journey into West Africa.

Our current plans are to be in America from Mid March to Mid/Late April. If you are interested in having us come and speak at your church during this time, please send us a message. God has done AMAZING things in India and SE Asia over the last 4 months. Our goal for the USA is to raise a lump sum of money so we can plant another church in West Africa, traverse the Sahara, continue to establish our church in South India, and push deep into the Himalayas. All in 2012! God is able!

Thank you and blessings! Together we can make a difference in thousands of unreached lives this year, as well as touch potentially millions through the TV program! All in for the Gospel!

Living the Revolutionary Life,
Dustan and Darlene Stanley

by Revolutionary Life

Revolutionary Life is the television program, blog, and ministry of Dustan & Darlene Stanley. Our mission is to see the greatest number of souls the world has ever become true followers of Christ. We do this by GOING into the most remote and unreached places and preaching the Gospel; by INSPIRING you to live truly free, full, revolutionary lives, and by DEPLOYING new Gospel laborers into the mission field.