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Our next Sunday Experience will be on March 1 at 5pm at the the new HASTEN HQ! For more info, including address text EVENT to (423) 417-3264

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The Revolutionary Life S2E4 – The Funk (Thailand)

Dustan and Darlene welcome a team from the USA to Thailand and work with them through the adjustments of being on the road.

The Revolutionary Life S2E3 – Leaving Again (USA to Thailand)

Dustan and Darlene spend time with family and prepare to depart on another extended mission journey.

Hasten the Nations’s 2020 Vision Letter

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers in the Gospel, First, I want to personally tell you how thankful we are for...

The Revolutionary Life S2E1- Welcome Home (USA)

Dustan and Darlene Stanley return to the USA after a long fourteen-month missionary journey.

The Revolutionary Life S2E0 – Looking Back

Since our first season, we've been non-stop traveling the world and preaching the Gospel. Now, as we prepare to release another season and a host of new stories of all God has done, we think it's best to take you back to three of the greatest adventures we experienced during our first missionary journey.

Celebrate with Us!

Hasten's first Kid’s Host Home in Nepal is Open!

Let's Change the World TOGETHER!

Hasten is launching a church in Chattanooga, TN!