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New Resource: A Basic Outline of The Gospel of the Kingdom

Hello, my friends. Today (when I write this) is Good Friday, 2020. As I was contemplating what Jesus went through and preparing...

The Revolutionary Life S2E8 – Street Ministry (Thailand)

Dustan and Darlene and the team begin reaching out to the street life of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they witness some hard to handle realities.

The Revolutionary Life S2E5 – The Street Kids (Laos)

Dustan and Darlene and the team travel to remote Laos where they are confronted with the realities of children living on the streets during winter.

The Revolutionary Life S2E4 – The Funk (Thailand)

Dustan and Darlene welcome a team from the USA to Thailand and work with them through the adjustments of being on the road.

The Revolutionary Life S2E3 – Leaving Again (USA to Thailand)

Dustan and Darlene spend time with family and prepare to depart on another extended mission journey.

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