Hasten International Mission - All in for the Gospel

We love JESUS with all of our hearts, and we are dedicated to knowing Him deeply and reaching those He gave His life to save. Wherever He sends. Whatever the cost. Until all have heard and the Great Commission is complete!

We preach the Gospel, care for the suffering, and train others to do the same.

We believe God is calling thousand of joyfully, fully surrendered followers of Jesus to their role in the Great Commission! Those that have this call love God more than they love their own lives and, as a result of their love for God, they hold a deep love for humanity! They HASTEN into the presence of God! They HASTEN to preach the Gospel! They HASTEN to serve the suffering!

This is the generation that will finally restore the heart of our church Fathers to the modern church! This is the generation that will FINISH what Jesus started through the first apostles! This is the generation that will HASTEN the return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Your time is now! Rise to your calling in Jesus Christ!

Dustan & Darlene Stanley

Leaders of Hasten International Mission