Hasten TV #109 – The Value of Human Life

Join Dustan and Darlene as they revisit Southeast Asia and discuss how much life, made in the image of God, is worth!
Hasten TV - Dustan and Darlene Stanley - Does Slavery Still Exist?video

Hasten TV #108 – The Horrors of Human Trafficking & How You Can Fight...

This full episode of HASTEN TV, Dustan, and Darlene Stanley show us first hand that slavery is still real today! Learn how you can be a part of ending this horrible crime happening worldwide.

Hasten TV #107 – How YOU Can Reach The World With God’s Love! (You...

In this episode of Hasten TV, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share a clip from the remote mountains in Laos where there were no churches, and no one had heard the name of Jesus before. Watch to learn how you can be a part of helping people hear about Jesus, from your neighborhood to the ends of the earth!