Dustan Stanley

Dustan Stanley is an evangelist, missionary, and writer. I help people discover their new identity in Christ, find their place in the Great Commission, and get started! My wife, Darlene, and I are the founders of Hasten International Mission and host of Hasten TV and The Revolutionary Life television series.

Dustan Stanley – Taking What God Has Put in You to the World! (SERMON)

Pastor Dustan Stanley teaches from the Mount of Transfiguration that we cannot live on the mountaintop. We MUST take what God has put in us to the world! This sermon was shot at Gloryland Church in Houston, TX. To donate to the ministry of HASTEN and Dustan Stanley visit https://www.hasten.tv/give

Dustan Stanley – Finding Peace In the Middle of Crazy (Sermon)

Tired of not being able to hear God's voice when everything is crashing around you? Feeling frustrated, distracted, and afraid? This message is for you!

Dustan Stanley on JuceTV – Turn your Eyes to Jesus (Sermon)

In this video clip from Juce TV, Missionary Evangelist Dustan Stanley tells a story from his and Darlene's ministry in South India. One night during an evangelistic meeting Dustan and Darlene prayed for the sick. When they called for testimonies of God's healing power, no one came forward. Distraught (and feeling like a failure), Dustan went back to the room and took it to the Lord in prayer. What the Lord taught him changed everything...

Thank You! Your Prayers are Powerful!

Hey, all! Pastor Dustan here. I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and thank you. TheĀ other day I asked you all for prayer

Called to YOUR World (A Story from Remote Nepal)

A story from remote Nepal...