Dustan Stanley

Dustan Stanley is an evangelist, missionary, and writer. I help people discover their new identity in Christ, find their place in the Great Commission, and get started! My wife, Darlene, and I are the founders of Hasten International Mission and host of Hasten TV and The Revolutionary Life television series.

PODCAST: Dustan Stanley – Milk to Meat. The Next Step in Your Spiritual Growth… Action!

In this podcast, Dustan Stanley teaches on how to go from Milk to Meat, or in other words, how to overcome spiritual restlessness and grow to the next level in God. There is more, and you can obtain it.


Have you ever felt exhausted? I don't mean just exhausted after a long hike but tired in your soul - tired of climbing uphill, tired of swimming upstream? If you're like me, you have. You have set your mind to do things right, to not compromise your morals for success, and now, after years of...

Dustan Stanley – Prayer for Nepal – Feb 2016

Will you please take the next 13 minutes to join Dustan in prayer for the amazing nation of Nepal? #PrayForNepal

Why Was Jesus Baptized – Three Quick Lessons

Today, during my bible reading time, I saw something very simple but very important in the scripture. Check this out… THEN JESUS CAME FROM GALILEE TO JOHN AT THE JORDAN TO BE BAPTIZED BY HIM. 14 AND JOHN TRIED TO PREVENT HIM, SAYING, “I NEED TO BE BAPTIZED BY YOU, AND ARE YOU COMING TO ME?” 15 BUT JESUS...