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The Revolutionary Life #105 – The Rescued (Thailand and Burma)

Dustan & Darlene travel to Thailand in the midst of heartbreak to meet countless people who have been the victim of human trafficking.

The Revolutionary Life #104 – Walking in the Dark (Laos)

Dustan & Darlene push deep into the mountainous jungles of Laos to share the Gospel to remote peoples for the first time.
The Revolutionary Life with Dustan and Darlene Stanley - Episode S1E3video

The Revolutionary Life #103 – Hope of Nations (Cambodia)

In this Episode of The Revolutionary Life, Dustan & Darlene travel from Indonesia to Cambodia where they witness the horrific realities of genocide as well as the incredible restoration power of God.

The Revolutionary Life #102 – Behind the Veil (Indonesia)

Dustan & Darlene travel to a remote underground church meeting where they meet two people who claim to have seen Jesus face to face.

The Revolutionary Life #101 – Welcome to the Mission Field (Indonesia)

In the pilot Episode of The Revolutionary Life, Dustan & Darlene leave for Indonesia on their first missions journey. They hit the ground running, but maybe they jumped in a bit too quickly...