The Hasten Team


We Now Have a Place for HASTEN in Chattanooga!

Important announcement! God has provided a location for HASTEN Chattanooga! Check out this fifteen second video!

Video from Our Recent Trip to Nepal to Aid the Earthquake Victims in Remote Villages

Hey everyone, Dustan and Darlene here! We’ve seen God do true wonders around the world, and our recent trip to help the people of Nepal was one of our most impactful projects yet. Thank you to all who have prayed and given, and I hope you enjoy this video we’ve put together! We will continue...

Dustan Stanley – A Dream from God about a Wild Plane Landing (Podcast)

Dustan Stanley shares about a dream he recently had about a very wild airplane landing. The meaning of the dream will encourage you!

The Martyr’s Prayer (Podcast)

A mix of speaking, stories, and song to stir your heart for the Gospel.

Helicopters, Miracle Connections, and More Help for the Nepali Earthquake Victims

Blessings from Nepal in the name of Jesus! It’s been a whirlwind since we hit the ground in Kathmandu, Nepal. Many things are happening, so it is time for an update! This marvelous nation was recently rocked with a massive 7.8 earthquake, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. Since day one, we’ve been working remotely with our Nepali friends, helping them...