“Get Up” (Audio) Podcast by Dustan Stanley

In this message, Dustan Stanley preaches a motivation message for everyone going through challenges and hard times saying, "Get Up."

BIG NEWS! June 2016 Ministry Update

In this video ministry update, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share all the things going on with Hasten International Mission, Hasten Nepal, and Hasten Chattanooga. They share the ministry needs as well as a special announcement concerning an on-demand mission training program they are working on.

PODCAST: Dustan Stanley – How Did Jesus Witness?

In this podcast, Dustan Stanley teaches extensively on the woman at the well in John 4. Here we see how Jesus witnessed to a complete stranger, not as a ministry program, but just in His day to day life.

PODCAST: Dustan Stanley – Milk to Meat. The Next Step in Your Spiritual Growth… Action!

In this podcast, Dustan Stanley teaches on how to go from Milk to Meat, or in other words, how to overcome spiritual restlessness and grow to the next level in God. There is more, and you can obtain it.

Dustan Stanley – Removing Stipulations (Podcast)

How often do we tell God we will obey Him if He does this, and this, and this. In this teaching,...

Frank Schleicher – Spartan Race Testimony (Podcast)

Dustan Stanley host Frank Schleicher as he shares a recent testimony from a Spartan Race.

The Good Samaritan is Actually YOU! – Dustan Stanley (Podcast)

Dustan shares an experience where he discovered that most of the time the good samaritan is actually YOU!

Dustan Stanley – A Dream from God about a Wild Plane Landing (Podcast)

Dustan Stanley shares about a dream he recently had about a very wild airplane landing. The meaning of the dream will encourage you!

The Martyr’s Prayer (Podcast)

A mix of speaking, stories, and song to stir your heart for the Gospel.