Hasten TV #011 – Does God Heal Today?

In this episode, Pastor Dustan & Darlene discuss miracles and healing and talk about the things they have witnessed the Lord do while on a visit to the beautiful nation of India.
Hasten TV #110 - How to Find Strength When You Feel Weak - Dustan & Darlene Stanleyvideo

Hasten TV #110 – How to Find Strength When you Feel Weak

When things get hard, that's when God shows Himself the strongest! Watch this episode to learn to tap into God's strength when you feel the weakest!

Hasten TV #109 – The Value of Human Life

Join Dustan and Darlene as they revisit Southeast Asia and discuss how much life, made in the image of God, is worth!
Hasten TV - Dustan and Darlene Stanley - Does Slavery Still Exist?video

Hasten TV #108 – The Horrors of Human Trafficking & How You Can Fight...

This full episode of HASTEN TV, Dustan, and Darlene Stanley show us first hand that slavery is still real today! Learn how you can be a part of ending this horrible crime happening worldwide.

Hasten TV #107 – How YOU Can Reach The World With God’s Love! (You...

In this episode of Hasten TV, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share a clip from the remote mountains in Laos where there were no churches, and no one had heard the name of Jesus before. Watch to learn how you can be a part of helping people hear about Jesus, from your neighborhood to the ends of the earth!