Hasten TV - Dustan and Darlene Stanley - Does Slavery Still Exist?video

Hasten TV #108 – The Horrors of Human Trafficking & How You Can Fight It! – Dustan & Darlene Stanley

This full episode of HASTEN TV, Dustan, and Darlene Stanley show us first hand that slavery is still real today! Learn how you can be a part of ending this horrible crime happening worldwide.

Hasten TV #107 – How YOU Can Reach The World With God’s Love! (You are Important!)

In this episode of Hasten TV, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share a clip from the remote mountains in Laos where there were no churches, and no one had heard the name of Jesus before. Watch to learn how you can be a part of helping people hear about Jesus, from your neighborhood to the ends of the earth!

HASTEN TV #106 – How to Walk by Faith when You Don’t Know What to Do

In this episode of HASTEN TV, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share a clip from the remote mountains of Laos and teach how to walk by faith and not by sight, even when the road ahead (or river) seems totally dark!

Hasten TV #105 – The Danger of Losing Our God-Given Identity

Dustan and Darlene Stanley share about their time in Cambodia (an extremely beautiful and peaceful nation) where they visit the Killing Fields and the S21 Prison Camp. Watch to learn how important it is to never lose sight of Whose image we are created in!

[HastenTV #104] First-Hand Accounts of People Seeing Jesus!

In this week's episode, Dustan and Darlene share their stories from the times they have met with the underground church. You'll be challenged in your faith when you realize what some of our brothers and sisters around the world must do to follow Jesus!