Darlene Stanley - Hasten International Mission TVvideo

Hasten TV #103 – What is the Underground Church Like?

In this episode of Hasten TV, Dustan & Darlene take us back to when they visited a remote underground church in a persecuted part of the world. Watch to learn what Christians around the world go through and what that means for you!
Hasten TV #102 – Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone - Darlene Stanleyvideo

Hasten TV #102 – Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Dustan & Darlene Stanley teach about the importance of learning that the mission is not always about 'me' but 'HE'! If we want to show the world the love of Jesus, we MUST learn to get out of our comfort zone!

Hasten TV #101 – How to Share the Gospel and Pray for the Sick (Basics)

In this episode of HASTEN TV, Pastor Dustan & Darlene take you back to Indonesia to teach on how they learned to be led by the Holy Spirit in praying for the sick. Watch to learn how you can pray for people and see their lives touched by the love of God!

5 Keys To Overcoming “The Struggle”

Ever struggle so hard at doing things that seem so easy to others, or wonder if this is normal? Well to put you at ease….you are not alone. Dustan and Darlene Stanley share about "The Struggle." The common struggles we ALL face in our lives that try to hold us back from reaching our full potential (such as weight, diet, disciplines, focus,....etc)....and share 5 valuable keys to helping you overcome your struggles so you can reach those life-long goals you have!