Hasten tv with Dustan and Darlene Stanley in Ghanavideo

The Revolutionary Life #109 – The Devil’s Courtyard (Ghana)

Dustan & Darlene travel from Asia to Ghana, West Africa, via Egypt where they lead a team to share the Gospel to a well known witch doctor.

The Revolutionary Life #108 -From the Mountain Tops (Tibet, China)

Dustan & Darlene travel into the fringes of the Tibetan Himalayas, encountering snow-storms and sickness, to share the Gospel with the remote nomadic people.
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The Revolutionary Life #107 – Step by Step (India to Bangladesh)

Dustan & Darlene travel from South India to Bangladesh and witness some ancient Hindu customs, only to finally arrive in a city threatened by civil war.

The Revolutionary Life #106 – Far from Home (India)

In this episode of The Revolutionary Life, Dustan & Darlene Stanley experience a strong bought with homesickness as they minister in India during the Christmas season.

The Revolutionary Life #105 – The Rescued (Thailand and Burma)

Dustan & Darlene travel to Thailand in the midst of heartbreak to meet countless people who have been the victim of human trafficking.