Help Establish Hasten Nepal!

We are super excited to announce that we have officially found a home for Hasten Nepal! This parcel of land is just over one acre of flat developable land. It is located only fifteen minutes outside┬áthe city of Pokhara, Nepal and is in the main direction where the city is growing. This property, once purchased and developed, will be the home base of Hasten Nepal’s work. We plan to develop a boarding school, a local church, a training program for Nepali ministers, and a small farm. Also, because of the resources on the land, our team will develop multiple businesses that will help work Hasten Nepal’s programs toward future self-sustainability. The land will also serve as the home for some of our pastors and team members that work full time to expand Hasten’s programs.




Cost: $100,000

The asking price of this property is $80,000. This is a great price for this size of developable land in this part of the world. In order to make the property ready for building, we must build a short road, prepare the water source, and run electricity to the land. Those upgrades, coupled with taxes and other fees, require an additional $20,000. This brings our total to $100,000.

How to Give

Or Mail Your Donation, Payable to HASTEN INTERNATIONAL MISSION to:

PO BOX 1600
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