Our Mission

Let's Change the World TOGETHER

Our mission is to reach the lost, disciple the found, empower the call, and Go into all the world.

Our vision is to be a church family that changes the world TOGETHER.

How Do we Accomplish This?

Our Values

We hasten to


We change the world together when we gather in unity. We gather for church services, small groups (Hasten Together), Hasten Talks, and other special events so we can grow in God together as a community, as different families, and individually.

We hasten to


We change the world when we all grow in what God has for us. We dedicate ourselves to a personal plan of growth, both for our spiritual, physical, and emotional selves and to the development of the gifts and callings God has on our lives and the lives of our friends and families.

We hasten to


We change the world through our unified generosity. Individually and as a church family we use the resources, time, gifts, and favor that God has entrusted us with to see the Kingdom of God grow and thrive locally and around the world!

We hasten to


We change the world when we serve together. We find our place in the church and the great commission and we serve with all of our hearts. We serve the Lord. We serve each other. We serve our guests. We serve other churches and ministries. We serve our city. We serve our nation. We serve our world. We are people dedicated to being leaders through being servants.

We hasten to


We change the world when we go into it and display the love of Jesus in one unified voice. We accept it as the job of every member of the body of Christ to go into all the world and into all of OUR world and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We go to our communities, our city, and to the nations declaring the salvation comes from our God and from Jesus Christ!