No family should have to choose between sending away their children or watching them suffer. Through community education and development, we can stop human trafficking at its root. Our team has a plan. It will work.

Now we need you.

Nepal is a small mountainous landlocked nation sandwiched between China and India. Human traffickers target Nepal as a source country for men, women, and children subjected to slave labor and sex trafficking.

Much of this is birthed in poverty, a lack of education, and the result of the developing world crashing into people groups that are totally unprepared.

Our goal is to help prepare and develop these communities so those needy families will not be vulnerable to the main tool human traffickers use to manipulate families: desperation.

So, what’s the plan?

Step One

Visit and, in cooperation with the village leaders, assess the spiritual, financial, and educational needs of the community.

Step Two

Design a custom plan for education and social programs, like literacy classes, skills training, daycares, and community gardens.

Step Three

Execute the plan and monitor progress. Our goal is to move every program toward self-sustainability so that it can eventually be on-going without outside financial support.

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Current Programs

Annual Christmas Outreach

By helping local farmers start small farms, we are able to create income, food and long term sustainability without ongoing cost.

This is one of our favorite times of the year! Every year we put together an outreach to help the less fortunate, homeless, and suffering. Because God gave us His son freely, we give freely to those in need. This year, we are focussing on the many kids on the city streets as well as the needy in the remote villages where we work the most.

Local Church Plant


Over the past few years, we and the team in Nepal have worked to see a new church plant started in central Nepal. It launched in Dec of 2017. This gives us a base of operations and weekly meetings where we can teach the principles from the Word of God that will bring increase and stability to the local believer’s lives.

Feeding Program


Recently, we started a feeding program that will take food to children living on the streets. Currently, the program is small, but our plans are to expand it until we are able to feed these children (and their families if they have any) a warm meal 2 or 3 times per week. Right now we are going once per week with extremely basic food that the kids can take with them to eat later. Please consider becoming a monthly partner of HASTEN to help us grow this program!

Disaster Relief


HASTEN responds to the natural disasters that occur much too often in the Himalayas. From landslides to earthquakes, we do our part to provide for the basic needs of those affected in the areas where we work. From delivering pipes, tarps, lights and other needs to helping local churches and community leaders build temporary housing for the displaced. Our goal is to show Christ’s love in a tangible way to those who are suffering.

Startup Farms


By helping local farmers start small farms, we are able to create income, food and long-term sustainability without ongoing cost. These farms require a startup cost, but after the initial launch, there is no upkeep cost. Not only can these families eat the sustenance provided by the animals, they can also barter and sell the animals for income.

Community Gardens

hasten garden - small

By partnering with landowners in the remote mountainous villages, we are able to help struggling families start gardens that provide food and vegetables for sale and bartering. This gives the family ongoing sustenance and income. These gardens require a small upfront investment but then they are completely self-sustainable through God’s generous law of sowing and reaping!

English Classes

Hasten Nepal English Class

Because English is the business language of the world, we are training our leaders to be bilingual. This will help us work more effectively with English speaking partners and will increase income through local business to tourists and trade.

Literacy Training


A large percentage of the population (especially the women) in the remote villages of Nepal cannot read or write in their own language. This extremely limits their ability to earn income. We are teaching women to read Nepali, which opens the doors for other jobs and opportunities to provide for their families.

Job Skills Training


One way we have been fighting against human trafficking is through training women in job skills that can help provide for their families. Very often families are made vulnerable because of a lack of provision and education. By helping a mother learn to sew, or basket weave, or start a small business, we greatly reduce the risk to her and her children.