Hasten TV #21 – How To Find A TRULY Abundant Life

In the final episode of this season, Pastor Dustan & Darlene share where they have found the most fulfillment and purpose in all their years of traveling the world and sharing the love of Jesus.

Hasten TV #20 – Being Light in Dark Places

We are called to shine bright even in the darkest of situations. Watch this episode as Dustan and Darlene talk about how followers of Christ are truly the light of the world!

Hasten TV #19 – How Spiritual Authority & Love Work Together

Did you know that by not treating people with love you can hinder your spiritual authority (or at least how effective it is among people)? In this episode, Dustan and Darlene explain why!

Hasten TV #18 – How To Reach the ENTIRE World with God’s Love

In the scriptures, Jesus showed us by example how we can reach the ENTIRE world with the Good News of Salvation. Want to know how?

Hasten TV #17 – How to Find Purpose AND Adventure

Finding purpose and adventure is a core desire of most people. In this episode, Pastor Dustan and Darlene Stanley discuss how you can find BOTH in the Gospel!