God Heals Little Girl in Indonesia (Testimony)

Dustan and Darlene Stanley, visit a medical clinic with a group of medical students in Indonesia where Darlene prays for a little sick girl.

Darlene Shares Story about Kids in Nepal

In this video, Darlene shares her personal story concerning how God spoke to her to save His babies in Nepal. The time to do something about it is now! This is why we need your help.

VIDEO UPDATE from Dustan & Darlene on Missions Work in Nepal

Dustan and Darlene Stanley share about their trip to Nepal, from starting the Hasten Center that's focused on educating at risk women and helping them take care of their children, to trekking and helping start village gardens to care for the poor, to the many complex situations they've seen that's affecting modern slavery today.

Video from Recent Nepal Outreach

Check out this amazing video from one of our recent outreaches in central Nepal!

HASTEN’s 2015 Mission Report & 2016 Vision (Video & Podcast)

Here's our 2015 Mission Report and 2016 Vision video! Please turn on this video and listen to it in the background as you go about...